Ubuntu Network

Setting Ubuntu Static IP

Setting a static IP on a Ubuntu Server without a GUI is pretty easy. Edit the following using your preferred editor (nano, vi, etc.) For this example, I will be using nano sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces Enter the root password and the file should look like this: auto lo eth0 iface lo inet loopback iface eth0 inet dynamic You will want …

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Windows Software Licensing Management Tool

Slmgr.vbs is a script for Windows that can determine the licensing of Windows 7 or 2008. Slmgr can be used to to change a product key or activate a system from the command line, extend Server 2008’s 60-day grace period to 240 days, or determine whether the computer’s license is a volume, retail, or an OEM license. The following is the …

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Lacie Usb

MultiBoot USB

An easy way to create a multiboot USB drive is to use a new solution called Easy2Boot. There is no limit to the amount of different Linux, Windows operating systems / PE, ISOs or other files. It can boot almost any linux LiveCD, and all that needs to be done after the creation of the drive is the ISO needs …

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Create a Windows DaRT disc

Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset is a powerful resource for I.T. professionals to help troubleshoot and repair problems with Windows based computers. Microsoft does not provide DaRT as a boot image or an ISO available to download, it must be created and customized from the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) for each setting. This can be done from any Windows 7 …

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Holo Backup for Android

Holo Backup is a simple backup tool for Android phones (version 4.0 and above). It is a cross platform, Windows and Linux only tool that utilizes the Android Debugging Bridge, or ADB to create a backup of your phone with apps and system data, SD card, or just the apps only. As reported by the developer, the ADB backup is …

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Using printui to Add or Remove Printers

Removing a printer from a computer when a user does not have the privileges means that you need to log out or switch user to the local admin, or an domain account that can act as a local admin. With the printui tool, this can be done in an elevated command prompt or remotely from another desktop computer. Giving the …

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Win8 Boot

Remove Windows.old Directory

After an upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 (or even a downgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 8…) The tools for upgrading Windows when all you have is a product key (Windows8-Setup.exe or WindowsSetupBox.exe) will take all of the files from the previous installation and move them to a directory called Windows.old. The same goes for upgrading Windows from …

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Raspbian Config After Install

After Raspbian OS has been imaged to an SD card, the best thing to do is to change a few of the defaults. The biggest is to either change the password for the username “pi” or remove the user completely. The password can be easily changed via the raspi-config, a script that helps you to configure your Pi. tool which starts …

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Raspi Background

Raspberry Pi Distro List

The other day, I was looking around for the default password for a the Raspbian Server Edition (a stripped down version of Raspbian) and came across an article from The MagPi listing the different distros, with default passwords and download links (where available) that can be used on the tiny computer. The list is provided here for archival purposes. Raspbian A …

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Horizon View Client

VMware View URI

Since VMware View Client 1.6 there has been a feature to specify the desktop and connection protocol through a simple URI scheme name “vmware-view://.” You can create a link with the all the settings a user needs and when they click the link, the View Client launches. The syntax for the URI is as follows: vmware-view://[authority] [/path] [?query] The items …

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