MicroSD Card 2GB Focus Stacked

Mounting Disk Image in Ubuntu

The default Raspbian image for the Raspberry Pi sometimes needs some modification before and after writing to an SD card. This post is mostly so I have something to refer back to, because there are times when you just can’t remember where you find that post or page that was so useful. I wanted to create an image with files …

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20140803 191138

Compile hostapd for Raspberry Pi

After following the tutorial from Adafruit on setting up the Raspberry Pi as WiFi access point, the INVALID_ARGUMENT error would display on screen. The SSID was still available, but nothing could connect to it. This is mentioned in the tutorial, however the link that it points to is no longer valid. Doing some searching from my favorite search engine, I …

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20140712 091903

Store ownCloud Files on an External Drive

The ownCloud setup on a Raspberry Pi is great because it can be always on and consume very little power. Performance from the web client is a little slow because the fact the Raspberry Pi does not have very much processing power, but that can be alleviated with the use of server side PHP cahcing. The main feature I wanted …

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Setup ownCloud to Backup Android Photos

With Android and Google services such as Google Drive or Google+, you can automatically upload your photos so you can always have a backup. Google offers unlimited uploads for photos compressed to 2048px, and you are allowed 15GB of free storage, with the opportunity to purchase more for a nominal monthly fee. Many other services offer this, such as Dropbox …

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Micro Sd Card 2gb Close Up

Repair Android SD Card

More and more often, Android tells me the  SD card is damaged. Try reformatting it. This error can occur from a number of different reasons; the SD card was not properly unmounted, the slot is faulty, or worse… The card is faulty.   If this error occurs, there is an easy “fix” to at least recover the data without having to …

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Raspi Config Main

Raspbian Config

One of the worst things to do (if your Raspberry Pi is public facing) is to leave everything set to the defaults. Here is a list of things I like to do after setting up Raspbian OS on a Raspberry Pi. From the raspi-config tool Expand Filesystem (This requires reboot) Change default user password (pi) Internationalisation Options (Locale, Timezone, Keyboard …

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Raspberry Pi Berries

Raspberry Pi LAMP Server

The Raspberry Pi has many practical solutions for just about anyone, be it an experienced programmer to a novice just starting out. One of them is to set up your own web server with Apache, MySQL, and PHP. This is good for development purposes, for fun, or practice setting up LAMP servers. LAMP is an acronym that stands for Linux …

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Ubuntu Network

Setting Ubuntu Static IP

Setting a static IP on a Ubuntu Server without a GUI is pretty easy. Edit the following using your preferred editor (nano, vi, etc.) For this example, I will be using nano sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces Enter the root password and the file should look like this: auto lo eth0 iface lo inet loopback iface eth0 inet dynamic You will want …

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Windows Software Licensing Management Tool

Slmgr.vbs is a script for Windows that can determine the licensing of Windows 7 or 2008. Slmgr can be used to to change a product key or activate a system from the command line, extend Server 2008’s 60-day grace period to 240 days, or determine whether the computer’s license is a volume, retail, or an OEM license. The following is the …

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Lacie Usb

MultiBoot USB

An easy way to create a multiboot USB drive is to use a new solution called Easy2Boot. There is no limit to the amount of different Linux, Windows operating systems / PE, ISOs or other files. It can boot almost any linux LiveCD, and all that needs to be done after the creation of the drive is the ISO needs …

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